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    The Health Ministry has halted registration of all new stem-cell projects for six months amid a year-long crackdown on hospitals cashing in on unproven stem-cell therapies.

    It also said Tuesday that all clinical trials of stem-cell therapies should be free.

    Many foreigners have flocked to hospitals in China for expensive stem-cell treatments that are offered far more freely than in Western countries.

    报道中的stem-cell therapy就是”干细胞疗法”,也可以说stem-cell treatment。Stem cell就是”干细胞”,是一类具有self-renewing(自我复制能力)的multipotent cells(多潜能细胞)。干细胞疗法就是把健康的干细胞移植到病人体内,以达到修复病变细胞或重建功能正常的细胞和组织的目的。在我国,stem-cell therapy主要用于治疗diabetes(糖尿病) 、spinal cord injury(脊髓损伤)、

    cerebral palsy(大脑性麻痹)、brian injury(大脑损伤)以及stroke(脑中风).